How big are the lots?

Each lot is at least 1 Manzana (1.73 acres) or 7000 square meters. The lots are of legal size to be owned as individual farms. Lot price includes your Costa Rican incorporation process that can hold the deeded title to your farm if needed.

How much are the lots?

Lot prices are currently $50,000 on a first come first serve basis, prices subject to change. We are estimating a self sufficient house to start at $100k, complete with off-grid electric, water and cooking systems.

How do I choose a lot?

We strongly recommend that each buyer come to the farm in person and visually select the lot they want as it is impossible to portray the breathtaking views and layout through photographs or descriptions.

Do I have to hire Vida Calma to build my home?

No, our decades of construction experience in Costa Rica can make your vision happen from start to finish, but you do not have to hire us.

How can I make a return on this investment?

Tourism will give owners the opportunity to rent their house out to produce revenue. For owners that do not plan to frequent their home, Vida Calma can provide maintenance and cleaning services to keep your investment in great shape, along with maintaining your off-grid infrastructure. Of course, the house is at your disposal and it is your choice whether or not you wish to rent it or keep vacant.

What is the climate like on the farm?

Warm breezy days in the 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit range, with crisp cool nights in the low 60's.  In other words, perfect.

What is the surrounding area like?

The farm is neighbored by personally owned wilderness on two sides and the San Lorenzo river, making up the largest border of approximately 4 kilometers with national forest across the river. It is a very unpopulated off-grid area with no public utilities, but still less than two hours from the capital city of San Jose, and less than an hour from the nearest city of San Ramon, a very culturally rich historic town. It is also an hour and a half from the highly popular Arenal volcano, an active volcano that until recent years often put on displays of erupting molten lava, visible from several mountain top lots on the farm. It has also been said that the area is the greenest area in Costa Rica year round and is home to intricate growth known as rain-forest and cloud forest, as our elevation is on the cusp between the two.

What kind of transportation is available?

Once you fly into Costa Rica you have several transportation options. Costa Rica has an intricate bus system that can take you virtually anywhere in the country, but beware, these are not luxury buses. We can provide trips via micro bus upon request to anywhere in the country, however, many people choose to rent vehicles and travel at their own pace. American licenses are valid in Costa Rica for all tourists. In addition to ground travel there is also the option of air travel by helicopter for those in search of the most breathtaking views.