Concept: Your off-grid home on the farm.

Finca Calma is your opportunity to own an earth conscious home in tropical Costa Rica.

Finca Calma is your opportunity to own an earth conscious home in tropical Costa Rica.

Finca Calma is creating an opportunity to own your own eco-conscious mini-farm on some of the most lush and beautiful land in the world, situated in a biological miracle of Costa Rica’s greenest lands known for organic farming.

Finca Calma is not a timeshare plan. You purchase deeded land for building among the Finca Calma farming community.

Our ultimate goal is to harvest enough fruits, vegetables, coffee and raise enough livestock and fish in a permaculture method to support all the inhabitants of the farm and retreat center. We plan to harness the blessings of mother nature to support us and the projects we are working to build.

The 'Upper' farm is surveyed and ready for purchase, 22 homes lots total, each with unique sweeping panoramas.

Each home lot will be self-sufficient, harnessing solar and wind power for electric energy, biofuel systems for turning organic waste into cooking gas, and pristine water from our abundant mountain fresh springs and wells.

This concept started in 2000 with the careful selection and preservation of the farmland, today, we are proud to invite you to stake your home site and join us in this journey. The community infrastructure will branch over the entire farm with nature paths, gardens, crops, wellness center and recreation areas for the enjoyment of everyone.

Concept rendering of an earthbag constructed home.

Lot prices are currently $50,000 on a first come first serve basis. We estimate a self sufficient houses to start at $100k, including all off-grid electric, water and cooking systems.  

The nature of our community will attract eco-minded tourists in search of a similar escape, so the ability of producing revenue through vacation rentals is also a great perk.