Finca Calma: Costa Rica eco-retreat development

Early artist rendering of home lots on Finca Calma.  Finca Calma is your opportunity to own an earth conscious home surrounded by farm land, gardens, nature paths, wellness center and a recreational clubhouse in tropical Costa Rica.

Mother Nature’s Intent

In today’s fast paced modern world, there’s an increasing need for peaceful relaxation, a place to step aside from the concrete jungle and enjoy the true blessings of Mother Nature. This thirst to enjoy earth’s pure and natural gifts is the driving force behind the paradise we call Finca Calma, the first eco-retreat development by Vida Calma in biologically rich Costa Rica of Central America. This paradise will soon be an off-grid organic farm that will give people a chance to step away from the hassles of the modern world and enjoy the true power of mother nature.

The translation of Finca Calma, The Calm or quiet Farm, is the prevalent mood over the entire concept, and our first ecologically friendly farm of the Vida Calma projects we are planning. The farm encompasses nearly 400 acres of beautiful rolling mountain pastures running along almost 4 kilometers of the San Lorenzo River, less than two hours northwest of San Jose.  The community will contain a limited number of earth conscious constructed homes powered directly from our loving mother; solar, wind, and biofuel gas power, along with hundreds of acres of crops, livestock and fish, all while maintaining a very private and intimate atmosphere for everyone.

In addition to the farmland, homes and clubhouse, Vida Calma Wellness Center will serve host to an intimate health retreat center focused around the healing arts of yoga, Thai massage, meditation, energy healing and the ancient medicinal practices of ayurveda.

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